Genesis Lesson 3 - Position Primary and Secondary Links

This video tutorial is specific to Genesis 6.x-1.2. The process for 6.x-2.x is exactly the same except the CSS file you need to edit is page.css located in your subthemes /css folder.

This tutorial show you how to easily position the primary and secondary links using the built in CSS snippets.

Genesis is a rapid development theme framework for the Drupal content management system.


1. A text editor - in the video I am using Dreamweaver 8 in code edit mode.
2. Drupal 6 installed on your testing server. I use Wampserver on my localhost and have installed Drupal.
3. Genesis theme framework must be uploaded to the server as well, all subthemes require the core framework as a dependency.

The basic steps

1. Locate the primary and secondary CSS in the genesis_SUBTHEME.css file (around line 204).
2. Uncomment the relevant snippet to position them either in the center or to the right.

See, I told you this would be easy:)

Last updated 30th August, 2011 - 5:19pm