ChipIn Fund-raising has Ended

As some of you may be aware I have been raising money to buy Camtasia so I can make much longer video tutorials for Drupal and my Genesis starter theme. The campaign was a roaring success and we raised $255 of the $299 needed and I have of course chipped in the balance myself.

I have purchased the software and I'm messing around with it this weekend and have already made a few test runs. I can tell you its actually a lot of work making long videos and I'm not exactly a "natural" at this sort of thing - I find it a bit of a challenge to say the least. Never-the-less I am cracking on and you can expect an update regarding the videos very soon.

I'd like to extend a personal thank-you to those of you who made a contribution:

  • Tomàs Núñez Lirola (Spain)
  • Brian Schoff (United States)
  • CW Petersen (Canada)
  • Alexander Just (Germany)
  • Eduardo Esclapes (Spain)
  • Stefanos Karagos (Greece)

A special thanks to Stefanos ( who donated nearly 50% of the total raised. Thanks Stefanos, that was extremely generous of you.

Last updated 13th December, 2008 - 5:12pm

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